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Miami commercial real estate

Miami commercial real estate

Are you looking for properties to establish your business in Miami? Don't know where to begin your search? Genet Property Group is the perfect site for you, from where you can not only rent an ideal real estate for your ever-growing business, but you can also learn about commercial real estate for sale and lease all over in Miami.

Miami is the best place to establish your business. It is always over flooded with investors, which can further create opportunities for you to be a part of the global economic market. With the ongoing buzz of festivals and cultural activities going around in the big city and being tax-friendly, Miami has a thriving real estate market, drawing business from all around the globe. 

Investing in Miami FL commercial real estate is even more reliable and profitable than any other place. Due to the increased tourism level at Miami beach, even your small scale business will give you a significant profit. But we have to admit that finding the right commercial spot for your real estate business in the already overcrowded city is difficult. But Genet Property Group can help you in your search.

If you want to invest in MIAMI commercial real estate, then we have some properties that might catch your attention.

1) South Dade Industrial:

2) Maksanim # 10523 (Southwest 186th street):

3) South Dade Too: This space is also available in MIAMI, Florida, and can be a perfect warehouse for your rapidly increasing business. More details include:

4) Mak 3: If you are ready to get a MIAMI commercial real estate for rent, then this may be an ideal place since it is located in the heart of Cutler Bay. Further details include:

5) Mak Too: The warehouses are the best pick due to their advantageous location. With a total space of 2450 sq.ft giving you the excellent front view of 106th Ave, it can be a good step for your industry. Other specs are:

6) Maksanim # 10755: The Small Bay Industrial Warehouses Bays are available for lease with a covered area of 1200 sq.ft. Property description includes:

These are just a few properties mentioned above. Collectively Genet Property Group manages over 1.8 million sq.ft. of residential, commercial offices, warehouses, and retail space. Either you want a real estate for rent in MIAMI or lease any property in North MIAMI beach in Dade-county, we are ready to show you the best places around. So, get ready to rent the best property in MIAMI with our help. For further information, visit our website:

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Miami commercial real estate
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